January 08, 2007

Lucille Ball's Eulogy Appears in Book

Cyrus Copeland, author of two books on eulogies, gave an interview for The Paramus Post.

During the past five years, he's immersed himself in eulogies, the fond speeches delivered at funerals to honor the newly dead. He tracked down 64 eulogies given for famous people - Albert Einstein, Lucille Ball, Dr. Seuss - and turned them into a book, "Farewell, Godspeed," published in 2004. When that book did well, he put together a 50-eulogy sequel, "A Wonderful Life," which came out in 2006. It, too, features legends: Bob Hope, Rosa Parks, Mickey Mantle, Walt Disney.

But now he's decided to give up on his collection of eulogies but he's not wandering far from the worlds of words and death, though. He said he's heading to Southeast Asia soon to do some research for his next book - about belief in the afterlife.

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