January 27, 2007

Bob Carroll Jr. Passes On

News has been released that Bob Carroll, Jr., one of the writers of many of the I Love Lucy episodes has died. He was born, August 13, 1918.

Bob Carroll, Jr., along with Madelyn Davis wrote many of the episodes of alot of Lucille Ball's TV Comedies from I Love Lucy through Life With Lucy. He also produced one of Lucille's specials, Lucy Calls the President. Most recently he was featured in The Desilu Story in 2003.

Further is a story on Bob Carroll from TV Week.


  1. There's a full video oral history interview available with Bob Carroll and his 50+ year writing partner Madelyn Pugh Davis. The link is accessible through the Archive of American Television weblog:


  2. Thanks for your link moderator. I'm sure all fans will appreciate this video on an extraordinary writer!