March 19, 2013

Lucy Fest Documentary

An untitled Lucy Fest documentary is now in post-production.  The independent film is a production of the Boonies International Film Festival in conjunction with Beniquez Films.  

At last year's Lucy Fest, a film crew interviewed comedians that included Billy Gardell, Tammy Pescatelli and Paula Poundstone, as well as, Lucie Arnaz.  The documentary hopes to take Lucy Fest to those fans that can not make it to Jamestown, New York and to explore how Lucille Ball continues to inspire comics and fans around the world.  

Director Lorena Beniquez says, "The funny thing that we learned through the filming process is that people get really serious when it comes to talking about comedy and Lucille Ball."  The film is Executive produced by Jeff Clark and Mark Robineaut serves as director of Photography.

The Boonies, Inc. organized as a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation, is created to support, educate and promote independent filmmakers of all ages, as well as promote Northwestern Pennsylvania's location and natural resources to the film industry. To that end, The Boonies will utilize film, visual arts, music and the newest and experimental technologies to enhance the experience of students, filmmakers and audiences.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!