January 26, 2007

Lucille Ball Actor, Charles Lane Turns 102 Today!

Charles Lane, who co-starred in many of Lucille Ball's I Love Lucy episodes turns 102 today!

Charles Lane, whose first role was in the 1931 film, Smart Money has starred with many of Hollywoods greatest including James Cagney, Jimmy Stewart, Edward Robinson and Lionel Barrymore. Born Charles Gerstle Levison on January 26th, 1905 in San Francisco, he was a founding member of the Screen Actors Guild 74 years ago.

He appeared with Lucy in several I Love Lucy episodes, including the classic show where Lucy gives birth to Little Ricky, "Lucy Goes to the Hospital". Lane played a character he described as "this old guy who is expecting his 10th child or something", in the waiting room with pacing, nervous father-to-be Desi Arnaz. He was also a first-season regular on The Lucy Show where he played the Danfield banker, Mr. Barnsdahl. He first appeared with Lucy in her film, "Miss Grant Takes Richmond".

When he turned 100, he celebrated at the Marina Beach Marriott hotel in Marina del Rey, CA with many of his friends and associates, including those from his "Lucy" days. The party featured many memorabilia, film clips and photos from his long career.

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