January 08, 2007

Lucille Ball Teapot in Collectors Attic Among Others

The Boston Globe reports on an 88 year old collector of teapots, Ethel Frattaroli who has nearly 5,000 teapots in Newton, MA.

Among her collection is Lucille Ball, Aunt Jemima, Ebenezer Scrogge and Sherlock Holmes. Lucille Ball bursting from a TV-shaped teapot is one for the famous red-head. The collection is probably one for the books. A woman in Kent, England, owned 3,950 teapots when last counted in September 2004, according to Kim Lacey, records manager of Guinness World Records in London.

It all started by accident 40 years ago when Frattaroli spotted a teapot top that matched a 100-year-old pot her mother had given her. Then she received one as a gift. Then another.

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