May 23, 2010

2010 Lucy-Desi Days Fan Appreciation Weekend

The headliner on Saturday, May 29th during the 2010 Lucy-Desi Days Fan Appreciation Weekend will be Lucille Ball impressionist, Suzanne LaRusch! Suzanne will be bringing her one-woman show to Jamestown, "An Evening with Lucille Ball: 'Thank You for Asking,'" Directed by Lucie Arnaz, this amazing program is crafted in the spirit of the amusing lectures Lucille Ball gave throughout her career.

It's the Lucy the whole world loved, from "Ricardo" to "Mame", but, more importantly, it's an evening with the closest thing to the real Lucy, as you've never seen her before.

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Suzanne LaRusch was a Hollywood baby, the daughter of a propmaster, herself a child actress who appeared in her first commercial when she was 18 months old. Yet she credits her mother’s roots in upstate New York with giving her the ability to channel the star of “I Love Lucy” in her one-woman show, “An Evening With Lucille Ball: Thank You for Asking.”  Read more:,051410-Lucy.article

Traversing the bridge between Lucy Ricardo and Lucille Ball, the production welcomes audiences into the never-before-published backstage stories that catapulted Ball to unprecedented fame, as well as into the tumultuous marriage that would eventually endure public scrutiny. LaRusch recently caught up with ShowBiz Chicago to discuss the process of delving into the famous red head’s life, both behind and in front of the rose-colored camera.  Read more:

“I love taking my experiences, good or bad, and sharing them if it makes the world a better place. And I had a bad experience with my losing my mother at what I thought was too early (an age),” said Arnaz. Read more:

Featured interview with Suzanne Larush from Showbiz Chicago. "When I started out I did my homework as any actor would, watching many of her tapes, interviews, and episodes of the “I Love Lucy” show that I began to know backwards and forwards. I studied her make-up and mannerisms. My mother was born and raised in Buffalo, New York and Lucille was born and raised about sixteen miles south of there in Jamestown, and I realized that my mother had very similar mannerisms to Lucille. It may be regional, and I caught that early on. So when I would exaggerate my mother’s mannerisms and voice inflections, people thought it was dead-on Lucy. So I found learning points like that along the way." Read more:

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