August 14, 2007

I Love Lucy - Special Box Set Extras

As all Lucy fans know and as reported here, the I Love Lucy Complete Series Box Set (DVD) will be released by CBS/Paramount October 23rd. They have some additional details that have not yet been released to the public. Click on the image above to view the back of the DVD Set.

The I Love Lucy Complete Series contains all 9 seasons (including The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour) with 194 episodes! There will be all new features that will be included in this Box Set that weren't apart of the individual DVD Series releases.

The all-new special features include the I Love Lucy: The Movie (1953), The First Colorized I Love Lucy episode ("Lucy Goes to Scotland"), I Love Lucy at the 6th Annual Emmy Awards (1954), Highlights of Lucy and Desi's First Joint TV Appearance (1949), and the lost pilot & all 35 first season episodes digitally restored! These extras are all in addition to the extras released in each individual season.

Stay tuned for more information as it's released!

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