August 13, 2007

Court TV Wants Feuding Neighbors in Your Neighborhood

Court TV is in pre-production on a fascinating new series, Neighbors 911, which will profile real life feuding neighbors. A team of casting directors has set its sights on the New York tri-state area for their initial search for real life neighbors willing to air their beefs about each other on national television.

Since New York and disputes between neighbors are I Love Lucy territory, the producers of Neighbors 911 are reaching out specifically to Lucy fans and offering incentives to anyone who can deliver a real life feud between neighbors that seems similar in any respect to one of the classic disputes between the Ricardo’s and the Mertz’s. Any dispute will be considered! The casting team is looking for feuding neighbors in New York suburban areas rather than east side apartments and they will pay a $200 finder’s fee for any story that gets submitted that is used on the show. In addition, each party to the actual dispute will receive $1,500 if selected to appear on the show, with the potential of receiving an additional $3,000 in damages if the Neighbors 911 mediator and host rules in their favor.

E-mail Your Story to: or Call 212-645-1500, ext. 110 and leave a message. Tell them you heard about it here on "Everything Lucy Blog"

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