May 06, 2007

A Weekend With Lucy and Ricky

The Chicago Tribune has a great writeup in an article by Hal Smith on all the events and information on Jamestown's celebration of Lucille Ball. (Although the story has the death year of Lucy wrong, it wasn't 1986 - it was 1989)

Even if you don't get to make the upcoming Lucy-Desi Days over Memorial Day (May 25-27) Weekend, there are still plenty of things to see and do in Jamestown concerning Lucille Ball.

The Lucy-Desi Museum which opened in 1996 covers the personal lives of Lucy and Desi. The Desilu Playhouse is primarily devoted to the "I Love Lucy" show. It contains the replicas of the studio sets of the "Ricardo's apartment" in New York City as well as the Hollywood hotel suite where Lucy burnt her putty-nose over William Holden. Then there is The Lucy-Desi Center Gift Shop, which carries all the Lucy-Desi memoriabilia collectables.

You can also see Lucy's Homes and Grave in Jamestown. Lucy was born her maternal grandparents home at 69 Stewart Ave. in Jamestown. Her childhood home in Celeron was recently restored by the Rapports and is located at 59 Lucy Lane (formerly 8th Street) in Celoron, a village about five minutes from Jamestown. Lucille Ball's ashes are interred in the same plot with her parents and other family members named Hunt (her mother's maiden name) at Lake View Cemetery, 907 Lakeview Ave.

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