May 13, 2007

Lucy says "No Embalming"

A self-admittedly ghoulish eBay seller has listed copies of the wills and death certificates of the four "I Love Lucy" stars. Lucille Ball's will reveals an explicit instruction: No embalming!

According to the seller:
Of course Lucy's is the most "professional" of the lot, and there is very little of it that is sentimental in any way. She makes a point on the first page of saying that she intentionally is not leaving anything to any of her relatives not specifically mentioned, especially her brother Fred and his wife Zoe. (There's got to be a juicy story there!) It's 20 pages long, and comes with a copy of her death certificate - (NO embalming!). Desi Arnaz specifically excluded Lucy from his will and provided for the lifetime care of his mother above and beyond any other provision in his will. And he goes to great lengths to see that both Desi Jr. and Lucie Arnaz receive equal benefits. His will is only 5 pages long, but attached to it are 13 pages of court documents filed after his death, including creditors claims, and even a claim by the executor. Lots of interesting documents, signed by his kids, and his death certificate -- (he died from lung cancer, which he had for 9 months prior.) Vivian Vance had four sisters and one brother, and left each of them one thousand dollars -- but named her much younger husband as the executor of her will and left him everything else (ah, love!). Her will is 4 pages but followed by about six more pages dealing with the husband's appointment in the courts. Her death certificate (scattered at sea!) is also attached. William Frawley's is the simplest (only 2 pages) and the saddest (24 pages of will contesting and creditors claims - including one from the cemetery in which he was laid to rest.) It goes so far into the assets he left behind that it lists individual pairs of cufflinks valued at $3.00. His death certificate (arrived DOA at a Hollywood hospital).

Check it out - bids are running until May 16th.

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