May 21, 2007

Buffalo News: Jamestown Loves Lucy

The Buffalo News, reported on Sunday about many of the upcoming events to be held in Jamestown, NY this coming Memorial Day. The event, Lucy-Desi Days is an annual event held in Lucy's hometown each year.

Today, Arab, Turkish and Chinese couch potatoes — and viewers who speak one of 18 other languages — are watching dubbed reruns of the show centered around her endearing character. After five decades on television, more people have seen her face than any other person who ever lived, according to TV Guide, which did its part by putting Lucy on its cover more than 45 times.

That explains, in part, why thousands of her fans will descend on Jamestown, her proud hometown, for the annual “Lucy-Desi Days” festival over the Memorial Day weekend.

Some will be diehard pilgrims from one of more than 75 countries that air “I Love Lucy.” Others are simply out for some fun, remembering how they howled with delight as they watched Lucy stuff herself sick with chocolates as candy streamed by relentlessly on a conveyor belt.

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