October 18, 2007

"Lucy at the Movies" in Bookstores

Who doesn't know Lucille Ball? From late night Nick-At-Nite viewings to 24-hour TV Land marathons, inevitably every television-owning American is familiar with the hilariously charming "I Love Lucy." Wildly charismatic and graciously fluent with slapstick comedy, Lucille Ball has lit the small screen for decades, and is a staple in American television. But a staple in American film?

In the shadow of her celebrated television career falls her equally impressive movie career, little recognized except by Ball aficionados. And while much is written about the housewife/Tropicana performer, the lavishly illustrated and highly detailed new book, LUCY AT THE MOVIES, (Running Press; October 2007; Hardcover; $29.95) is the first to take a thorough look at the film life of this classic Hollywood golden girl.

In her career, Lucille Ball performed in over eighty movies, most made in the 1930s and 40s, long before her famous antics as Lucy Ricardo. Author and classic film devotee Cindy De La Hoz not only chronicles Lucille's experience in film land, but offers a comprehensive look at each of the movies themselves, including cast and crew lists, production facts, movie synopses, behind-the-scenes stories, and contemporary movie reviews. The book is also packed with biographical insights and hundreds of never-before-published production stills and portraits, all of which define Lucille as a gifted entertainer within the golden era of American cinema.

"The value in this encyclopedia is the information on not only the film career of Lucille Ball, but the way films were made. It's an invaluable history of the motion picture industry and those who first created it," says Ball's daughter Lucie Arnaz, of LUCY AT THE MOVIES. A testament to the beautiful and talented film star, De La Hoz leaves no role untouched as she manages to transport us back to Hollywood's Golden Age, reminding us that there was life before Lindsay Lohan and the starlets gracing today's tabloids, and boy was it glamorous.

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About the Book: Title: LUCY AT THE MOVIES Author: Cindy De La Hoz Publisher: Running Press Format: Hardcover Price: $29.95 ISBN-13: 978-0-7624-2706-2 ISBN-10: 0-7624-2706-X Publication Month: October 2007

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