October 18, 2007

Desi Arnaz Orchestra Member, Tony Terran Produces CD Tribute

A very special tribute CD "Tony Terran Remembers" along with Brent Mosley and David Longoria is available from New Found Records.

Tony Terran is the last surviving member from the Desi Arnaz Orchestra and played lead trumpet on every single I Love Lucy television show that was ever taped including Here's Lucy. He has over 10,000 recording dates to his name. Tony has played on everything from the infamous "Rocky Theme Song, "Karate Kid" movies, to the original "Star Trek" television shows.

Tony has recorded with New Found Records all of his favorite songs from the I Love Lucy television show, including: the famous theme song for I Love Lucy, Cuban Pete, Babalu, Tico Tico, etc. There is also a Great Treasure included at the end of this CD ... Tony shares his personal stories about what it was like to work with Desi and Lucy backstage including how he got his job as the lead trumpet player!

This really is an unbelievable and historical CD!

By purchasing copies of Tony's CD you are also helping New Found Records continue to bring great music to the public that shouldn't be kept a secret!

You can read more about Tony Terran from his myspace website.

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