September 20, 2005

New Hosting Provider for Everything Lucy!

The "Everything Lucy" web site, which is part of has been moved to a new hosting provider this past Friday evening.

We took this step to move the web site from operating out of my house to a true host for a number of reasons. One of course would be the realiablity of the web site, not to mention proper backups. Secondly, you should notice a performance increase in the speed since it is now not going out over my home's DSL connection. Thirdly, the cost savings of not having to run a server and the technical knowledge, which I lack, is a great stress relief!

You may notice some broken links and some things don't seem to work just right. I noticed that some of the Video Clips, when linked to other clips in a SMIL file, do not work. I also was notified that some of the MP3s of the My Favorite Husband radio show do not work. I will get to these as soon as I can in order to resolve these issues. If there is anything that you find that you believe is incorrect or needs fixed, please bring it to my attention!

I've made some minor changes to the structure of the site, but it's probably not something anyone would notice. More updates will be applied as soon as all the issues have been worked out from this move.

Future enhancements include turning all the video clips into Flash Video, which is supported by 98% of the browsers. I'll be removing all the Realvideo clips eventually as they are replaced with their Flash counterparts. I will also be adding a true eCommerce Shopping Cart to the Members Only section of the web site. And talking about the Members Only section, I will be adding the login to this section shortly so you can begin to take advantage of being a member of "Everything Lucy".

Thanks for your continued patronage and again, please let me know if anything seems amiss with this new web site move!

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