September 22, 2005

Another reairing of PBS Masters, Finding Lucy, this Sunday!

For those poor souls who just found out about the airing of the PBS Documentary on Lucille Ball last night at 9pm - you are in luck! It seems that they will also be reairing the documentary this coming Sunday at 12:30pm EST. So if you missed it last night, be sure to catch it this Sunday!

This documentary originally aired in 2000 and is a great portrait of her career with lots of clips and interviews. Some really great candid shots of Lucy are shown and shows us in retrospect that she had always been perfect for situation comedy.

The interviews featured Carol Burnett, Fran Drescher, Dick Martin, Van Johnson, among many others. It also showcases the most extensive set of film and television clips from her career in movies and radio through television.

Check your local PBS Station for airing times. Be sure not to miss this one!

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