April 18, 2007

Desi Arnaz Jr. Just Says "No" to Castro

As reported on TV Guide, Fidel Castro tried to convince Desi Arnaz Jr. to visit his father's homeland.

Desi Arnaz Jr. tells TV Guide Online that he turned down an invitation from Castro to attend Cuba's annual Ernest Hemingway Fishing and Tennis Tournament five years ago. He'd like to one day visit the country but he's not willing to do so as long as Castro's Communist regime remains in power.

"If it ever becomes a free country, I'll have a house there," says Arnaz, 47, who today calls Nevada home. "People want to go back, they just don't want to go back with him."

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  1. You are a good man Desi Arnaz Jr. We, your Cuban brothers are proud of you. I know that your Dad in Heaven is proud of you also.