December 13, 2011

Here's Lucy Season 5 DVD to be Released

Season 5 of Here's Lucy on DVD will be released on February 28, 2012.

Here's Lucy - Season 5 DVD set is in-the-works from MPI Home Video, as mentioned in an insert found with the CBS DVD release of The Lucy Show - The Official 4th Season. The insert had an early look at the package art and also there is a pre-order link to purchase the title from Amazon and it shows a release date of February 28th, and a cost of $20.99.

This will be a 4-DVD disc set. However, the release date shown may turn out to be correct, but actually isn't finalized just yet. There's a "technical issue" they have to overcome before the formal scheduling can take place, and they hope that this happens soon and the official word could then go out.

MPI only describes the same sort of bonus material that has been including with all of their releases of this program: "exclusive featurettes and videotaped introductions by Lucie Arnaz, Desi Arnaz Jr., guest stars and production personnel; unreleased home movies and behind-the-scenes footage; 'Let's Talk to Lucy': long-lost radio shows where Lucy interviews celebrities; bloopers, promos, commercials and other special footage."

Season's 1 through 5 are now available and can be found through the Everything Lucy store. Be sure to visit and get your DVDs today!

UPDATE:  News that the release date is February 28, 2012 and that he MSRP for the 4 disc DVD set will be $29.98, although Amazon has it listed at pre-order for $21.99.

The legendary queen of television comedy, Lucille Ball, is joined by her real-life daughter, Lucie Arnaz, in her third long-running sitcom success.

Ball plays Lucille Carter and Arnaz plays her daughter Kim. Lucy works for her brother-in-law, played by Gale Gordon, who owns Carter's Unique Employment Agency, leading Lucy into endless predicaments and hilarious hijinks.

The complete fifth season of Here's Lucy (1971-72, CBS-TV) features all 24 episodes uncut and digitally remastered for superior quality, plus a wealth of new and never-before seen special features.

Guest stars include Don Knotts, Donny Osmond, Eva Gabor, Joe Namath, Petula Clark, Lloyd Bridges, Ruth Buzzi, Robert Cummings, Totie Fields, Ricardo Montalban, Elsa Lanchester, Jim Bailey, John Davidson, Craig Stevens and Desi Arnaz, Jr.

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  1. right before heres lucy came out mpi said that they were going to release lucy move to nbc.
    where is it?????????