August 04, 2011

What does Hollywood have planned for Lucille Ball's 100th?

She might have passed more than two decades ago, but Hollywood is still preparing itself to celebrate the centennial birthday of one of its’ favorite darlings, Lucille Ball.

After capturing our hearts and feathering our funny bones in her portrayal of Lucy Ricardo, a sizzling redhead with a ditzy best friend and schemes that always backfired on them, Lucy and her husband on the sitcom and in real-life, Desi Arnaz, became comedic royalty.

Now, 60 years after the release of I Love Lucy, the original queen of comedy is being celebrated on what would have been her 100th birthday, August 6th.

What does Hollywood have up its’ magical sleeves?

According to the Los Angeles Times CBS Video released 14 classic episodes of I Love Lucy in June to begin the celebration. You can order those online or purchase them in local retailers. In the coming week, Warner Archive is releasing some of her funny films including Miss Grant Takes Richard and Turner Classic Movies will have a screening of our favorite Lucy films on her birthday.

Then, there’s the America Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre. They will present The Long, Long Trailer and The Dark Corner on Thursday night for her dear fans to reminisce.

The Hollywood Museum puts the cherry on the birthday sundae with the opening of “"Lucille Ball at 100 & 'I Love Lucy' at 60" exhibition. It will be a real treat for fans since they will be privy to costumes, scripts, and even original sheet music! That exhibition continues through November 30th.

Lucy’s daughter, Lucie Arnaz couldn’t be happier at this celebration of her late mother’s life. "It's a nice thing to do to look back and remember when somebody really changed the way we think about things, whether it be Thomas Edison or Lucille Ball," Arnaz told the Los Angeles Times. "I think she would, of course, be extremely honored and proud."

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