October 17, 2009

Lucy is now Off Hallmark Again!

It was just this past week when we announced that we would be getting more I Love Lucy on Hallmark, but guess what...now that will be cut. Hallmark quietly removed the weekdays 9-10am hour of I Love Lucy on Thursday, Oct. 13th and returned Golden Girls in that hour. Starting Monday, Oct. 19th, once again I Love Lucy is getting cut completely from its current 5pm-11pm hours. M*A*S*H returns and will air in its old 5pm-8pm hours, while Touched by an Angel returns at 8pm, and the primetime movie from 9-11pm. So I Love Lucy goes from 7 hours a day this week to ZERO hours a day this coming week! What is going on with all the schedule changes at Hallmark? Ratings must be key, but it seems Hallmark makes moves and changes those moves within days. It's getting to be why bother even watching anything on Hallmark with all these schedule changes.

So, we're down to no Lucy and back to watching them on DVD!

1 comment:

  1. Very well written. I am done with hallmark I paid extra just to have it. I sm canceling service with them, and spending that money for a set of "I love Lucy"...how can one compare touched by an angel and mash to "I Love Lucy" a golden classic, made for every1.