September 13, 2009

The Christmas Show: Fred Mertz Platinum Label Collection

Due out sometime this fall as I had suspected is Fred Mertz in "The Christmas Show" for the Mattel Barbie "I Love Lucy" series. This would complete the 4 who had previously been released. Lucy was the first in this particular set and released as a Pink Label in 2006, next came Ethel who was a rare Platinum label doll of which only 999 worldwide was made and released in November 2007. Next was Ricky who was released in October 2008 and now to complete this forth and final Santa Doll in the I Love Lucy series from Mattel is Fred Mertz, who will be released as a Platinum Label. This is also the very first ever Fred Mertz Doll in this series and is the 20th doll in the "I Love Lucy" series by Mattel.

This will be sure to be a complete sell-out as soon as it is released so be sure to keep an eye out for it this Fall. No particular date has been set, but as soon as I hear anything, I will be sure to let all the Lucy fans know (but only after I made my own purchase! ;)


  1. I thought the Fred Mertz doll was Doll #19 ????????

  2. Hi JoAnne,

    It is #20 depending on if you count the total number of dolls versus the releases, plus including the "Lady of Comedy" series. Total Number of actual Sets in the I Love Lucy series is 18 (including the Fred Mertz Doll) but if you include Lucy in the "Legendary Lady of Comedy" by Mattel, that would be 19. Plus, if you count 2 dolls in the "Lucy is Enceinte" set for Lucy and Ricky, that brings the total to 20.

    The complete list of Mattel dolls in the "I Love Lucy" series and their year of release are:

    1997: Vitameatavegamin Lucy ("Lucy Does A TV Commercial")
    1998: The Candy Factory Lucy ("Job Switching")
    1999: Grape Stomping Lucy ("Lucy's Italian Movie")
    2000: Lucy & Ricky Boxed Set ("Lucy Is Enceinte")
    2001: Carmen Miranda Lucy ("Be A Pal")
    2002: Lucy's Paris Gown ("Paris At Last")
    2003: Putty Nose Lucy ("L.A. At Last")
    2004: Lucy's Polka Dot Dress ("Sales Resistance")
    2005: Gypsy Queen Lucy ("The Operetta")
    2006: Showgirl Lucy ("Lucy Gets In Pictures")
    2006: Special Edition Santa Lucy ("'I Love Lucy' Christmas Special")
    2007: Lucy & Ethel Boxed Set ("Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress")
    2007: Pilot Episode Lucy ("The Audition")
    2007: Ethel Platinum Edition ("'I Love Lucy' Christmas Special")
    2008: Lucy & Ethel Set ("Lucy & Ethel Candy Factory")
    2008: Ricky Santa ("I Love Lucy" Christmas Special)
    2008: Lucy (Legendary Lady of Comedy)
    2009: Lucy ("The Ballerina")
    2009: Fred Platinum Edition ("I Love Lucy" Christmas Special)