August 28, 2009

Is This the END of I Love Lucy on TV?

I Love Lucy which had been airing on The Hallmark Channel since it was purchased from TV Land has been turned off. Hallmark picked up I Love Lucy when the show's contract with TV Land expired at the end of 2008. It began airing the show in January 2009 but only 8 months later after moving the show around to various timeslots throughout the day and night has decided to call it quits. So this means I Love Lucy is totally off the schedule now and for the first time in 58 years is not shown anywhere nationally on TV sets across America.

Will it return sometime on Hallmark or will they sell it off to another network, only time will tell. This classic and timeless treasure has been hushed and this is a sad day for us Lucy fans.

You can contact the Hallmark Channel and politely suggest they return I Love Lucy to the daytime schedule or sale the contract to another network that will continue to air this all-time American classic.


  1. I'm glad ILL left Hallmark ... that network treated the series horribly. The series deservces better treatment than what it got there. Adios Hallmark ....

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  3. Hello, i happened to run into ur blog and this article about i love lucy. I'd like to correct some information posted on ur blog.
    I love lucy IS NOT OFF THE AIR. IN FACT IT WAS SOLD TO KCOP. THAT'S CHANNEL 13 here in los angeles,ca. It airs at 9am monday-friday and at 12noon monday-friday.
    i love lucy is not off the air.
    it was just sold to a different network and most ppl cant find it now thats all. but our beloved show is still running strong.

  4. Thanks "Anonymous" for your comment, but to reiterate from the story above, I Love Lucy is not shown anywhere 'nationally' on TV sets across America. That means no big national broadcast station is showing the program. You may have smaller local channels showing the program but nothing nationally. This is the first time that has ever happened. It's great you can still get it on your Channel in your area, but for other people, even in the New York City area where I live, we do not get the program at any time on any of the cable stations.

  5. I am very sad and disappointed that Hallmark took I Love Lucy off the air - She is the queen of comedy and deserves to be honored during the day - every day, morning, noon and night. Who wants to watch 10 episodes of The Golden Girls or Mash? Someone needs to get a clue and get their ratings back up to speed. Until then, I will not watch anything on Hallmark, TV Land or Nick at Night....

  6. I guess it is a sad "sign of the times" that ILL is gone from Hallmark. Several years ago when Nick at Nite unveiled the "beautifully restored" episodes, and showed them on weeknights, well, as it should be. This show defies boundaries in its affect on so many aspects of television and our personal lives. Having access to even a segment of an episode is akin to a visit with an old friend or a beloved departed relative. I recall when CBS still had the rights and ILL was shown weekdays at 9:00 am. I used to love to be sick so that I could stay home form school to watch. I agree, how could this timeless treasure be upstaged by MASH, Cheers, Golden Girls, etc.? All good shows, yes, but just that, "good shows." Many times I have sat down for ILL and told myself, "Okay, this time I will watch objectively and stay aware that these characters are fictitious (especially Ms Ball) and ACTORS; not real people" I have not succeeded, the acting and characterizations are just too good. Today is January 1, I could go for an ILL marathon. Hopefully a network will realize the value and offer Ill its entitled showing. For now, "nix" to Nick at Nite and TV Land, and a Black Mark to Hallmark.