October 21, 2008

Desi Arnaz Interview on ReRun It

Desi Arnaz was much more than Lucille Ball’s co-star. He was an innovative entertainment industry pioneer who was responsible for creating the multi-camera technique, which introduced the concept of having several cameras shooting the same scene, at the same time, but from different angels. It was revolutionary in the 1950’s and remains a standard in the business today.

Desi Arnaz talks about I Love Lucy, his studio and his innovative camera technique in interviews, exclusively at RerunIt.com.

Segment 1 "The Chemestry"

Segment 2 "Universal Appeal"

Segment 3 "Multi-Camera is Born"

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  1. I just watched all three of these segments. These are amazing and rare interviews and I really like this site. Thanks for telling us about this! Paul R., Columbus Ohio