July 20, 2008

1993 Lucy and Desi Documentary Featured with Lucie Arnaz

On July 10th, as reported by The Greenwich Time, The Ridgefield Playhouse Film Society showed the film as part of its Lost and Found series, afterward featuring a Q&A with Lucie Arnaz.

After her mother died, CBS aired what Arnaz called a "tabloidesque" and "trashy" piece about Ball's life. Arnaz didn't want that to be the last word.

"I thought, damn, that can't be the last thing in people's minds or mouths. If (CBS) hadn't done that maybe I'd have just gone on about my business and mourned like everybody else. But it lit a fire under me that made me want to dig deeper, find out more.

"I was on my own search for who this woman was and who this man was. I was trying to figure out why I was the 40-year-old mother that I was. Why I did the things I did in my life."

Read more of the story at The Greenwich Time.

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