June 03, 2008

Lucille Ball's Grandaughter in Comedy 'Alexandros'

Pictured are Kevin Symons, left, Katharine Luckinbill (daughter of Lucie Arnaz and grandaughter of Lucille Ball) and Chaz Mena star in the Laguna Playhouse presentation of Melinda Lopez's comedy 'Alexandros,' a gathering of a Cuban American clan doesn't go as planned.

From LA Times, this ensemble piece, having its world premiere at the Laguna Playhouse, is a family-reunion comedy that uses ethnic spice to enliven its reheated premise. A Cuban family living in Miami reunites to celebrate the 75th birthday of its matriarch (Maria Cellario). The party brings three generations together under one tempestuous (and pink-tiled) roof.

Directed by David Ellenstein, "Alexandros" is pitched as a screwball comedy, but the production's aim is slightly askew. The play teeters indecisively between outright frivolity and moments of psychological gravitas. "He was a lot of sad with his happy," says one character, and that line sums up the play's rather unbalanced tone of tragicomedy.

The Orange County Register interviewed Katharine Luckinbill. Luckinbill is playing a teenage girl, Marty, who's just beginning to discover the spirit of rebellion in the summer of 1974. As the play begins, Marty has just been dragged from her Texas home to Florida to celebrate the 75th birthday of her Cuban-born grandmother, whom she hasn't seen in years.

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