November 11, 2007

I Love Lucy Video Games

According to Multiplayer Blog, BeanBag Studio has produced what appears to be an I Love Lucy Video Trivia Game. You can see the games from on their site.

Steve Bergenholtz, CEO of newly announced game development company Beanbag Studios said he secured the licenses by contacting the children of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, their agents and CBS.

Bergenholtz said that his team tested various ideas for two weeks at a time and settled on a trivia concept for the first three “Lucy” games. The opening “Lucy” titles from Beanbag will each involve one of the three cited episodes. Video-based challenges include trivia, filling in missing lines from edited clips, and putting parts of the show in their proper order. More “Lucy” games are coming in the second quarter of 2008, including one in the style of “Diner Dash.”

Bergenholtz said he’s targeting the “Lucy” “Diner Dash” game for the Wii’s upcoming WiiWare downloadable game service.

At least two of the “Lucy” games will be available this holiday season. Look for updates on the official Beanbag Studios site.