November 21, 2007

Exclusive Mattel Ethel Doll Released for Christmas

Mattel released another doll and this time it was an exclusive version of Ethel Mertz! I believe this one hit above everybody's radar. This version is a Platinum I Love Lucy series, which means less than a 1,000 were made. It has Ethel in the Christmas episode, which is the same episode that was last year's exclusive Lucille Ball Mattel doll release. This is Mattel's 14th in their I Love Lucy series.

The Plantinum label edition is truly rare. There are only three other classes of dolls produced by Mattel; Gold which produces 25,000, Silver which produces 50,000 and Pink which is your normal everyday release.

This Mattel Platinum Label I Love Lucy, Ethel Doll is truly rare and will not be found in stores anymore. This is the first-ever solo Ethel Mertz doll released by Mattel. The Christmas Show, also known as Jingle Bells, first aired on Christmas Eve, 1956. This episode featured flashbacks woven with newer Christmas-themed footage, in which all four main characters, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo and Fred and Ethel Mertz, all dressed as Santa Claus only to be surprised by a visit from the real Santa at the end!


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