September 14, 2007

L.A. Streets to Honor Lucille Ball and Larry King

In recognition of Larry King's 50 years in the broadcasting industry, the Los Angeles City Council agreed Wednesday to rename the area surrounding the CNN building in Hollywood after the longtime interviewer.

The area from Sunset Boulevard to DeLongpre Avenue and Cahuenga Boulevard to Cole Place will now be known as "Larry King Square."

King started his broadcasting career in 1957 at a Miami radio station.

"Larry King Live" premiered on CNN in June 1985 and is the network's longest-running interview program.

The late comedian Lucille Ball and the owner of Lucy's El Adobe Cafe will be also be recognized for their contributions to Hollywood with the renaming of an intersection to "I Love Lucy Square," the Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday.

Ball and Lucy Casada will share the honor at the intersection of Melrose Avenue and Plymouth Boulevard near Paramount Studios. It was there, in 1951, that Ball and her husband, Desi Arnaz, started Desilu Productions.

Lucy's El Adobe Cafe is a popular campaign stop for local and national politicians, and is known as the restaurant where former California Gov. Jerry Brown first met singer Linda Ronstadt in the 1970s.

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