March 02, 2007

Lucille Ball's Spirit Speaks at the Oscars?

It seems like alot of gossip is circulating the blogosphere about Lucille Ball's spirit speaking to Oscar Host, Ellen DeGeneres! It seems everyone is talking about Psychic, Kenny Kingston who held a seance after this weeks Oscars.

Kenny Kingston, who has billed himself as America's Top Psychic and Legendary Psychic to the Stars has been a medium and spirtualist for decades. As a spiritualist medium and expert in the field of psychic phenomena, Kingston has given psychic messages and readings to celebrities from all over the world including Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, John Wayne, the Duchess of Windsor and even presidents Eisenhower and Truman. He was once hired to guide Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe spiritually. Kingston's psychic life began at the age of four with tea readings and from that his remarkable clairvoyance has catapulted him into the spotlight with books, infomercials and all the trappings of fame.

After Sunday's Oscar Awards, Kingston spoke with a number of dead celebrities, among them was Lucille Ball. All of the spirits spoke highly of Ellen and had nothing but praise for the way DeGeneres hosted the Academy Awards.

Kingston says, "Lucille Ball was particularly complimentary about Ellen and told me she thought Ellen should be the permanent host of the Oscars." He went on as Lucy surprised him, "I wasn't expecting it, but Lucille Ball revealed that Ellen was her own mother's mother two lifetimes ago. It seems the roles were reversed in a past life. That might explain why Ellen and her mother, Betty, who often appears on her TV show, are so close."

Wow! Ellen was her own grandmother! Think about the comedy routines out of that one!

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