February 05, 2007

Carol Burnett Impressed with Lucy-Desi Museum

In todays Jamestown's Post-Journal, Carol Burnett remembers Lucille Ball and thrilled with the Legacy.

As you know, Lucille Ball was my good friend.

To her, I was "The Kid," and she was a tremendous teacher and mentor. Her passing left a hole in my heart that can never be filled.

I am thrilled to know of the work you are doing to preserve Lucy and Desi’s legacy. And you are correct in recognizing that it is a legacy of more than props and costumes and personal belongings: it is truly a legacy of love and laughter.

Should the stars ever properly align, I would welcome the opportunity to visit Jamestown and celebrate her legacy with you.

One hundred years from now people around the world will still be laughing at Lucy’s antics. And I hope that for those folks who want to learn more about that wonderful clown, her hometown will still be honoring the one and only Lucy.

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