February 27, 2006

Dick Cavett Show released on DVD

Before there was Dick Cavett the talk show host, there was Dick Cavett the comedian. Cavett’s early career as a writer for Jack Paar and Johnny Carson naturally led him into the world of stand-up comedy, where his contemporaries were the likes of Woody Allen and Bill Cosby. Cavett would later welcome both to The Dick Cavett Show. But Cavett’s comedian guests were by no means limited to his contemporaries. Cavett developed warm personal relationships with people like Groucho Marx, Bob Hope and Jack Benny. These great raconteurs and storytellers had some of their finest moments in Cavett’s studio, where they found a unique forum that didn’t necessarily require them to be funny. But of course they simply couldn’t be anything else.

12 Episodes Featuring:

Woody Allen
Lucille Ball
Jack Benny
Carol Burnett
Mel Brooks
George Burns
Bill Cosby
Bob Hope
Jerry Lewis
Groucho Marx
The Smothers Brothers

With New Episode Introductions and an All-New Interview with Dick Cavett. This new DVD collection was released February 21st.

Lucy's March 7, 1974 appearance on "The Dick Cavett Show" will be included on Disc 4 from this collection.

The DVD retails for $39.98 but you can get this DVD at Amazon.com for $27.99.

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