July 06, 2007

Lucy's Appearance with Danny Thomas

According to TV Shows on DVD, S'more Entertainment has made a deal to distribute Season 6 of "Make Room for Daddy".

These 32 episodes include the follow-up episode from the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, "Lucy Makes Room for Danny" that featured Lucille Ball and Danny Thomas. Lucy appeared on Danny's show, as many celebrities did back then, in response to appearing in her show.

Danny Thomas's 'Make Room for Daddy' series inherited the 'I Love Lucy' time slot - Monday Nights at nine - when the half-hour sitcom went off the air in 1957. When Thomas originally agreed to do his series for the fall of 1953 (for ABC), he went to Desilu for production assistance and utilized their exclusive three-camera technique. Desi Arnaz had been trying to get Danny Thomas on the 'I Love Lucy' show since 1955, but, at that time, there existed a sponsor conflict - 'Daddy' was bankrolled by a competing cigarette company.

The Season 6 DVDs will be remastered from the original broadcasts rather then the syndicated versions. The specials on the Discs will be interviews with Marjorie Lord, Tony Thomas and Sid Melton who appeared regularly in the series, as well as a photo library from the show. The season includes guest appearances by Jack Benny, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Tony Bennett, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Dinah Shore, Bob Hope Frankie Laine and a 5 episode story arc featuring Annette Funicello.

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