March 02, 2007

Lucy Promotes iPhone During Academy Awards

Apple's iPhone got a plug from Lucille Ball during the Academy Awards. Lucy appeared in the first commercial break as Lucy Ricardo in the "Vitavetavegamin" episode answering her phone saying "Hello". The commercial then followed with a number of movie and TV personalities saying "Hello" into their phones. You can watch the commercial on Apple's iPhone website.

The iPhone is a mobile phone, iPod, eMail, web browsing handheld device. It revolutionizes the concept of mobility and communications.


  1. Just to clarify (as nitpicky as this is), the clip is actually from Season 2's "Job Switching" episode.

    It's the scene when Ricky serves Lucy an amazing breakfast and she gets up to answer the phonecall that reveals to her, Ricky bought the breakfast down at the drugstore and left his hat down there, when he picked up the orders.

    Lucy just happens to be wearing the same outfit she wore in the "Lucy Does a TV Commercial" episode.

  2. Thanks - I quickly wrote the article and didn't realize she actually wore the same outfit in different episodes.