January 10, 2011

Final Lucille Ball Mattel Doll Coming

For anyone that has been collecting the Lucille Ball collectible dolls from Mattel since 1997, Mattel has announced what they call the Final doll of the series marking the 60th Anniversary of "I Love Lucy".

From the Mattel website:
Season 1 of I Love Lucy, brought us Episode 4, ”The Diet,” originally broadcast on October 29,1951. While the four friends are discussing their weight gains, Lucy insists that she is exactly the same size as when she married. However, she is horrified to learn that she has gained 22 pounds. Striking a deal with Ricky, Lucy commits to a crazy diet in an effort to lose enough weight to fit into a costume for Ricky’s nightclub show. Zany AND gorgeous, Lucy loses the weight and looks picture perfect in this stunning green gown for the show. Ricky looks equally handsome in his tux and top hat.

This darling giftset concludes this series of the I Love Lucy dolls that began in 1997 with the Vitameatavegamin episode and included over 25 dolls from Lucy’s Italian Movie™ to L.A. At Last!™ and so many more!

Mattel has the release date of this Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz set on March 1, 2011.

It all started in 1998 with the release of the "Vitameatavegamin" Lucille Ball doll and since the series started, 21 dolls have been released which included two with Ricky ("Lucy is Enceinte" and one from "The Christmas Show" episode). Ethel was also a part of the collection and appeared with Lucy as a set with "Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress" and "Job Switching". Ethel also was part of the rare Platinum label Mattel doll with only 999 released worldwide in "The Christmas Show". The only other Platinum label Mattel doll in this collection was the release of Fred Mertz, also from "The Christmas Show" episode.

The complete list of Mattel dolls in the "I Love Lucy" series and their year of release are:

1997: Vitameatavegamin Lucy ("Lucy Does A TV Commercial")
1998: The Candy Factory Lucy ("Job Switching")
1999: Grape Stomping Lucy ("Lucy's Italian Movie")
2000: Lucy & Ricky Boxed Set ("Lucy Is Enceinte")
2001: Carmen Miranda Lucy ("Be A Pal")
2002: Lucy's Paris Gown ("Paris At Last")
2003: Putty Nose Lucy ("L.A. At Last")
2004: Lucy's Polka Dot Dress ("Sales Resistance")
2005: Gypsy Queen Lucy ("The Operetta")
2006: Showgirl Lucy ("Lucy Gets In Pictures")
2006: Special Edition Santa Lucy ("'I Love Lucy' Christmas Special")
2007: Lucy & Ethel Boxed Set ("Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress")
2007: Pilot Episode Lucy ("The Audition")
2007: Ethel Platinum Edition ("'I Love Lucy' Christmas Special")
2008: Lucy & Ethel Set ("Lucy & Ethel Candy Factory")
2008: Ricky Santa ("'I Love Lucy' Christmas Special")
2008: Lucille Ball Legendary Lady of Comedy ("First Ever Doll")
2009: Lucy Ballet ("The Ballet")
2009: Fred Mertz Platinum Edition ("'I Love Lucy' Christmas Special")
2010: Knife Throwing Lucy ("Lucy Tells the Truth")
2011: Lucy & Ricky Boxed Set ("The Diet")

Mattel includes the "Kelly Doll" Gift sets in their count of 25. These are the smaller doll versions that included:

2008: Lucy Gets a Paris Gown (Kelly Giftset)
2009: Lucy in Envious (Kelly Giftset)

There are 2 that I can't account for. If someone knows of any others that I have omitted, please let me know.

Luckily I have been able to obtain ALL the Lucy Mattel dolls including the Platinum Labels (except for the Kelly Dolls, which I really didn't want). I'm looking forward to this final doll of their series and hope they will begin another series that includes Lucille Ball.


  1. Thanks for the list, I also have all of the 21 boxes in your list; if I count the number of dolls (the double sets would have two dolls) then I have 25 dolls (not 25 boxes). But, like you, I am not sure how Mattel is completely counting the over 25 mention, unless you count the Kelly dolls. Thanks!

  2. damn cindy this is insane i only have 10.
    realy nice blog

  3. Where did you buy your Platinum Edition Fred and Ethel santas?

    1. You can now find them on ebay. Ethel goes for over 1000.00 and Fred over 400.00.

  4. I was lucky enough to find the Ethel Santa and paid regular price but the Fred edition I found online through someone who purchased several and had to pay several hundred dollars. Not sure what they go for now, but not looking to get rid of them anyhow.

  5. thanks for all the info on the dolls. The only one I'm missing is the Ethel Platinum Edition I Love Lucy' Christmas Special. She's a high price! lol

  6. Hi, love your blog. I'm a big "I Love Lucy" fan. Do you know what "pink" Lucy barbie label means. Thanks.

  7. The only other doll missing from the list is "Lucy's Italian Movie", they made two versions. The second release has Italian writing on the box and Lucy is holding a bunch of grapes in her hand. Thank you for making this List. It was helpful in organizing mine by the year produced. The only one I am missing is Ethel in the Christmas Episode. She is so darn expensive. Someday she will complete my set.

  8. The only other doll missing from the list is "Lucy's Italian Movie". They made two versions, the second release has Italian writing on the box and Lucy is holding a bunch of grapes. Thank you for your list. It was helpful in organizing mine by the year produced. The only one I am missing is Ethel in the Christmas episode. She is so darn expensive! Someday she will complete my collection...


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