July 18, 2010

Auction House Returning Some Items to Lucie Arnaz

The auction house in charge of selling Lucille Ball's memorabilia, which were embroiled in a legal battle, withdrew the actress’ lifetime achievement awards from the auction and will give them to her daughter, Lucie Arnaz.

Heritage Auction Galleries says a deal was reached on Saturday to return the prized possessions. "The lawsuit between Susie McAllister Morton and Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill has been amicably settled," said Doug Norwine, Head of the Music and Entertainment Division for the Hertiage Auction Galleries.

"The auction will now go forward as planned. As part of the settlement Heritage has withdrawn 5 awards and a painting by Ratterman. We believe that most or all of these items will now be donated to a charitable institution."

The other items including love letters - which are currently selling for $1,300 - and a Rolls Royce, will remain up for grabs.

Earilier, there was a legal disagreement between Lucie Arnaz and Susie Morton, the widow of her mother's second husband, Gary Morton, who offered the items for sale.

Lucie Arnaz initially wanted 13 of the more than 150 items set to be sold at the auction, including eight love letters Ball had exchanged with Gary Morton and five lifetime achievement awards, to be given to her so she can donate them to her parent's charity, he said.

Lucie said the returned awards will be displayed in a museum honoring her mother.

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