January 24, 2008

Lucille Ball Takes The Cake

From the Pioneer Local relates Mark Seaman's six-tier cake which was a Tribute to Luclle Ball that won The National Wedding Cake Competition in Tulsa, Okla. last September.

"Purple was one of her favorite colors and she loved orchids," Seaman said, noting that an orchid dress that put Ball on Hollywood's first best-dressed list.

He focused on her younger, more glamorous years when Ball was a model and aspiring starlet prior to her popular television situation comedies that aired throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

"The colors and textures of her gowns lent themselves well to design elements of a wedding cake," Seaman explained, describing inspiration he found in a book about Ball.

Producers from The Food Network will air an hour-long program of the competition on Super Bowl Sunday, February 3, as part of a The Wedding Bowl Night marathon. However if you miss Wedding Bowl, you can view the actual Lucille Ball cake at Seaman's Marked for Dessert: The Neighborhood Bakeshop, in Libertyville.

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  1. I appsolutly love lucy! shes beautiful, brilliant, and an amazing person! the blog is nice to have. the time period, i think, that lucille ball became really famous (50's,60's) was a time that really should be remembered and i feel that lucy shows a lot of love to have been alive and was happy to have been doing what she did best.

    definatly keep writing the blog! it shows me that people still care about some of the best history!:)