October 24, 2006

Could "The Lucy Show" Series Come Out On DVD

With the upcoming release of "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" on DVD in February of next year, could the release of Lucy's series, "The Lucy Show" be far behind?

This was a question posed to Tom Watson of The Lucy Fan website. His answer:

To answer the big question: at this time no one (but the fans) is actively discussing whether or not to release the series on DVD. Normally, a distributor waits until one volume is on the market before it commits itself to the next. This has been true of CBS throughout the six years it has been issuing "I Love Lucy." Add to that the fact that "The Lucy Show" is an entirely different series -- and one can see it will be a while before anyone has an announcement to make, one way or the other. If "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" set sells as well as we all expect, it will bode very well for the argument to start "The Lucy Show."

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