September 19, 2006

Lucy still a Hit and Lucy-Desi Show coming to DVD!

Some news on the horizon that I want to report here. I've been out the last several weeks as I just got married to my partner of 12 years!! So, in the next few days, hope to catch up everyone on all that is being seen on the net about our favorite Red-Head!

One great article from the Los Angeles Times, Zany Redhead Has Stirred 55 Years of Laughter, by Greg Hernandez, reports:

"People have been asking about the 'Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour' a lot," said Gord Lacy, editor of the Web site TVShows, where fans vote for which shows they want most to see released on DVD. "The 'I Love Lucy' seasons have been released at a steady pace, and people are happy with the sets and want more."

The episodes will be released as seasons 7, 8 and 9, but in a single DVD package. They will have some rare gems, including color home movies secretly taken by an audience member during the show's first season. It is the only color film of the Ricardos in their apartment, according to Oppenheimer.

This is great news for us Lucy fans, and one that I suspected would occur that has been rumored for some time. This new DVD Box Set is scheduled to be released in early 2007! It will contain all 13 of the one-hour episodes!

Stay tuned here for more upcoming news as it's reported.

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