August 16, 2006

Lucille Ball Holiday Barbie - The Surprise May Not End

As many Lucy fans already know, Mattel's Barbie sneaked in another Celebrity Barbie edition of Lucille Ball. The "I Love Lucy" Holiday Barbie is based on a special Christmas episode, sometimes knows as "The Christmas Show".

This episode is also known as "The Lost Episode" or "Jingle Bells" because this was a special and employed so many long flashback sequences of various "I Love Lucy" shows, this episode was not included in the eventual syndication package. The last time even a portion of it was telecast was December 1981 on Rona Barrett's short-lived NBC series, "Television: Inside and Out." Desuli featured a special Christmas tag to "Drafted." It featured the Ricardos and Mertzes around a Christmas tree and five Santas.

Apparently Mattel released this "I Love Lucy" Holiday Barbie in June as a Walmart exclusive. It was released along with the the standard Lucille Ball Barbie collection edition of "Lucy Gets in Pictures" from the "I Love Lucy" episode 116 as mentioned here on this blog back in February.

Ever since it's release, collectors have scrambled to find it at their local Walmarts, Walmart Online and on eBay. There have been spottings at various Walmarts throughout the country but it seems like the majority of the dolls have been snatched up already. Even the Lucy Desi Museum Store received only a few and is selling the doll at more then the retail price of $34.97. They offer mint condition at $69.95 and worn box at $49.95.

This is sure to be a hit and one that a collector does not want to miss!

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