May 11, 2006

Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, What's the Word?

So now that the final season of "I Love Lucy" has been released, I have had many people asking when the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour will be coming out on DVD. This follow-up series to "I Love Lucy" is a must for many Lucy fans worldwide.

Well, Tom Watson who runs the website answered this question in his weekly newsletter:

    Officially, no... CBS/Paramount Home Video is still mulling-over the idea... Unofficially, I am almost certain that the company will issue the Lucy-Desi hour shows in one 13-episode DVD package. When? Again hazarding a guess -- probably in about a year. It normally takes that much time to gather up the elements (including possible "bonus" features), produce the discs and distribute them to the retail outlets. Stay tuned... We will keep you posted when more information becomes available...

Stay tuned and we'll keep you updated with any further developments as soon as they are known.

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