May 31, 2006

Cast Your Vote for Lucille Ball film on DVD

Warner Bros. has consistently delivered high-quality DVD releases from its vast catalogue and, together with, they’re giving us a stake in their future release slate with “DVD Decision 2006: 30 Movies in 30 Days,” a joint initiative offering movie fans nationwide the opportunity to vote online for the WHV library titles they want to next see released on DVD.

During the month of June, visitors to the web site will be able to vote for their favorite titles from a list of 30 films. At the end of the voting period, the ten movies with the largest number of votes will be selected as the winners. On August 8, the two companies will announce the winning titles and make them available for pre-order; five of the winning titles will make their DVD debut on December 5, 2006, and the remaining five will be released on January 2, 2007. All of the films will be digitally re-mastered and will contain added bonus features where available.

Best Foot Forward starring Lucille BallThroughout June each movie will be spotlighted at, with links to its trailer (as available), synopsis, customer feedback and other information. Consumers can vote immediately or allow for time to review the trailers and film information throughout the entire promotion before voting at the end of the month.

The 30 film candidates will be divided into three categories: action/adventure, comedy/musicals and drama. One of the movies up for DVD Release is "Best Foot Forward" a 1943 film starring Lucille Ball.

Best Foot Forward starring Lucille BallIf you like college musicals, you'll love this fast paced MGM musical, full of great music, lively dancing and just plain fun. The story is simple, a military college cadet wins a date with Hollywood actress Lucille Ball (in one of many performances where she plays herself). This ill conceived publicity stunt designed to re-start her faltering career, turns into a hilarious disaster when the cadet's girlfriend shows-up the night of the big date. You can imagine the fun that ensues with Lucy hiding out in the cadet's dorm room closet which continues to get more crowed by the minute. The musical numbers are all classic, like Harry James' swing version of "Flight of the Bumble Bee," and the rollicking "Barrelhouse, Boogie, and The Blues," beautifully performed by Nancy Walker, June Allison, and Gloria DeHaven. This was their MGM debut film and they all went on to stardom.

Voters can access the DVD Decision 2006 voting page at or via links at’s homepage and in various locations within their online DVD store.

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