July 11, 2005

New Lucille Ball Biography

Rated as one of the top Hollywood biographies of the past year, "BALL OF FIRE: The Tumultous Life and Comic Art of Lucille Ball", is a great read. Written by Stefan Kanfer and published by Faber and Faber from the UK.

To I Love Lucy viewers all over the world, Lucille Ball remains the ultimate screwball housewife. But Kanfer's biography looks behind the image, tracing her comedic genius to its beginnings in a lonely childhood in upstate New York.

She desperately wanted to make people laugh, and to find stardom and love. But then a Cuban bandleader called Desi came into life to make her famous and wealthy - and almost destroyed her along the way.

You can find this biography on both the US and UK Amazon.com web sites.

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