October 05, 2012

The Lucy Show, Season 6 DVD

CBS DVD and Paramount Home Entertainment will be releasing The Lucy Show - The Official 6th And Final Season DVD set on October 9th. The 24-episode, 4 disc collection also has bonus material.

It's The Lucy Show's sixth and final hilarious season, as Lucy continues to go on wacky misadventures with her reluctant best friend and her cantankerous boss. Own the FINAL SEASON of The Lucy Show on DVD for the first time! The 4-disc set contains all 24 uproarious episodes from the sixth and final season. Guest stars include: Milton Berle, Ruth Berle, Jacques Bergerac, Frankie Avalon, Jack Benny, Robert Goulet and Buddy Hackett! All episodes have brilliantly restored color picture and audio. Also features Cast Biographies, Production Notes, Photo Galleries, and much more!

Award winning final season: Emmy Winner: Outstanding Continued Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Comedy Series (Lucille Ball). Emmy Nominations: Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding performance by an actor in a supporting role in a Comedy (Gale Gordon), Outstanding Writing Achievement in Comedy. Golden Globe Nomination: Best Actress in a Television Series - Female (Lucille Ball).

This is the Final Season of The Lucy Show!  The complete series is now complete and out on DVD!  Be sure not to miss out and order your copy TODAY from the Everything Lucy Store!  Or click on the link below to order your copy from Amazon!

The final season of "The Lucy Show" (1967-1968) showed how popular Lucille Ball continued to be with her legions of fans as she won her second Emmy that year for Outstanding Performance By an Actress in a Comedy Series and the show itself was a Top 10 mainstay finishing the year at a whopping #2 making this season the sitcom's most popular. At this time Paramount bought the rights to the "Lucy Show" so instead of renegotiating for another season Lucy decided to try her hand at another sitcom for the fall of 1968 with a whole new premise and alas "Here's Lucy" was born.

The final year consisted of some of the biggest names in Hollywood gracing "The Lucy Show" including Robert Goulet, Milton Berle, Jack Benny and most astonishing the wonderful and Oscar-winning actress Joan Crawford! In one of the last episodes entitled "Lucy and the Lost Star" both Lucy and Viv's (played by the wonderful Vivian Vance who continued to guest-star on the series) car breaks down a few miles from some Hollywood mansion. They walk to the house only to discover some woman who looks very familiar to them scrubbing the stairs with the house devoid of furniture. They soon realize it is none other than Joan Crawford. The episode is hilarious, funny and Joan proved she was as good at comedy as she was at drama. The dramatics wasn't so much on the screen as it was off in that Joan, terrified of performing in front of a live audience, starting drinking. Lucy, a severe perfectionist, noticed through rehersal Joan would forget her cues and lines and Lucy started to panick. On the side of the stage Joan heard Lucy exclaim "What are we going to do? Get Gloria Swanson!". Immediately, Joan went to her dressing room, studied her lines more, put the 100 proof vodka away and went to work. That night during the taping as soon as the camera panned on Joan she became the actress everyone knew and loved. Not only did she know her lines and stage direction without missing a beat she stole every scene she was in even from Lucy herself. After the taping was a smashing success Lucy went to Joan and stated "Joan...you were fantastic! Join me and Gary (Lucy's husband) for dinner and drinks. Unknown to Lucy Joan had reserved tables at a restaurant for all the members of the cast and crew leaving Lucy out of the invitation. Joan simply remarked to Lucy's request..."Sorry, but I have other engagements for this evening" and walked away and went into her limo leaving Lucy speechless. As much as I love Lucille Ball even she couldn't get one up on Joan Crawford!

The bonuses for this final box set (that features 24 shows on 4 dics) include cast biographies, production notes and more to come.

Following is a complete list of all the episodes of season 6 along with their airdates:
  1. "Lucy Meets the Berles", Sept. 11, 1967
  2. "Lucy Gets Trapped", Sept. 18, 1967
  3. "Lucy and the French Movie Star", Sept. 25, 1967
  4. "Lucy, the Starmaker", Oct. 2, 1967
  5. "Lucy Gets Her Diploma", Oct. 9, 1967
  6. "Lucy and Jack Benny's Account", Oct. 16, 1967
  7. "Little Old Lucy", Oct. 23, 1967
  8. "Lucy and Robert Goulet", Oct. 30, 1967
  9. "Lucy Gets Mooney Fired", Nov. 6, 1967
  10. "Lucy's Mystery Guest", Nov. 13, 1967
  11. "Lucy, the Philanthropist", Nov. 20, 1967
  12. "Lucy Sues Mooney", Nov. 27, 1967
  13. "Lucy and the Pool Hustler", Dec. 4, 1967
  14. "Lucy and Carol Burnett-Part 1", Dec. 11, 1967
  15. "Lucy and Carol Burnett-Part 2", Dec. 18, 1967
  16. "Lucy and Viv Reminise", Jan. 1, 1968
  17. "Lucy Gets Involved", Jan. 15, 1968
  18. "Mooney's Other Wife", Jan. 22, 1968
  19. "Lucy and the Stolen Stole", Jan. 29, 1968
  20. "Lucy and Phil Harris", Feb. 5, 1968
  21. "Lucy Helps Ken Barry", Feb. 19, 1968
  22. "Lucy and the Lost Star" (with Joan Crawford), Feb. 26, 1968
  23. "Lucy and Sid Caesar", March 4, 1968
  24. "Lucy and the Boss of the Year"-the final episode, March 11, 1968
If you want to see complete episode descriptions, pictures and more, visit the Everything Lucy website for a complete run-down on The Lucy Show and more!


  1. One question, does the 1968 episodes on the DVD have the original Paramount Television logo at the end or is it on the Vintage Closings on the DVD?

  2. Thanks for asking Jason. I just got my DVD from Amazon and haven't watched it yet. I'll post here and let you know.

    1. Okay, thanks. BTW, Vic, the "Vintage Closings" is also a special feature, too.