October 28, 2010

The Lucy Show - The Official 3rd Season

The Lucy Show - The Official 3rd Season will be available November 30th!

The classic comedy The Lucy Show is back on DVD for a Third Season of side-splitting episodes, hilariously performed by TV superstar Lucille Ball, playing suburban mom Lucy Carmichael. This season, Lucy squares off again with Theodore J. Mooney (Gale Gordon), the stubborn bank president who controls her finances - but who always manages to fall for Lucy's schemes. Also returning are Lucy's TV family: her partner-in-crime Vivian (Vivian Vance, I Love Lucy), Lucy's daughter Chris (Candy Moore), Lucy's young son Jerry (Jimmy Garrett), and Vivian's son Sherman (Ralph Hart). The Lucy Show is pure gold, confirming Lucille Ball as the queen of TV comedy!

This 4-DVD set, with extras, will arrive on the Tuesday following the USA's post-Thanksgiving shopping weekend, which is kicked off by the so-called "Black Friday" sales events...so be prepared to head back to stores and pick this up, or just pre-order it from Amazon with the link below, so it can be delivered straight to your doorstep!

Lucy Show: Official Third Season

The Lucy Show - Season 4 DVD is slated for March 15th, 2011!

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