July 05, 2010

Lucille Ball's Rolls-Royce Up For Auction

Lucille Balls’ Rolls Royce will hit the market later this month at a Heritage Auction Galleries event in Beverly Hills, California.

The 1984 Rolls Royce Silver Spur sedan was owned and driven by the “I Love Lucy” television star and her second husband, Gary Morton. Love letters from Lucy to Gary, her address book and other personal items owned by the beloved actress will be offered on July 17, 2010. The car has a white finish with a tan vinyl hard-top and the odometer shows 21,260 miles. Other items include Ball’s personal address book with listings for phone numbers for famous celebrities of the era including Steve Allen, Jack Benny, Edgar Bergen, Milton Berle, Gypsy Rose Lee, Dean Martin, Ethel Merman and Edward G. Robinson as well as her former husband, Desi Arnaz, and her television show co-stars, Vivian Vance and Gale Gordon. The items were consigned by Morton’s third wife, former professional golfer Susie (McAllister) Morton who married him in 1996, seven years after Ball died.

Susie has lived with these relics of Lucy and Gary’s life for more than 10 years and kept them out of respect for her late husband and Lucy’s amazing legacy. Now she’s ready to part with these treasures as she remodels her house to make it completely her own,” said Doug Norwine of Heritage.

The Rolls has an opening bid of $25,000 and could sell for over $50,000.

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