February 26, 2010

Lucy Tells the Truth - New Mattel Doll for 2010

A new Mattel Doll coming in the May-June 2010 time frame (depending on who you talk to) is Lucille Ball in "Lucy Tells the Truth", episode #72 of I Love Lucy.

In this classic episode, Lucy is forced to tell the truth about everything. She accepts a bet that she can withhold from fibbing for 24 hours without realizing she is meeting the girls for a Bridge game.  After much hilarity from telling the truth - she turns to Ricky and the Mertzes. Lucy accuses Fred of being a "tight-wad", Ethel of "looking tacky", and Ricky of being a "coward" for not letting her have her fling at show business.  With that said, Ricky takes her to an audition where she lands the job of assistant to Professor Falconi, a knife thrower.

Below are images from the prototype showing Lucy surrounded by knives with colorful balloons.  The actual packaging will bring back memories of this unforgettable scene. 

Once this new doll becomes available, you'll be able to purchase it in the Everything Lucy Store! Be sure to visit and help our site continue with your purchase. Your loyalty and patronage are greatly appreciated.

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