February 11, 2010

I Love Lucy - The Movie

I Love Lucy: The Movie & Other Great Rarities
Here is the finalized packaging for the upcoming releae of I Love Lucy - The Movie and Other Great Rairities to be released April 27th.

As previously reported here, in 1953, three classic first season I Love Lucy episodes ("The Benefit," "Breaking the Lease," and "The Ballet") were edited together with newly-filmed connecting scenes to create this never-before-released feature-length film. The film had only a single "test" screening in 1953 at a small theatre in Bakersfield, attended by the Arnazes. But Lucy and Desi had just signed a deal with MGM to do "The Long, Long Trailer", and M-G-M, fearing competition, insisted that they shelve the film. And that's literally what happened. I Love Lucy: The Movie was put back on a shelf, in a mislabeled can, and was lost for nearly half a century, until it was discovered in the Paramount vault by Dann Cahn in 2001.

This new DVD will feature these additional Features:

* Lucy Goes To Scotland
* TV Academy PSA (Revised)
* Emmy Awards
* The Ed Wynn Show
* Series Premiere Opening
* Rear Window
* Animated Commercial
* Here's Johnny!
* The Ballet - TV Version
* Handcuffs/Movie
* Wilbur's Hands

Be sure to visit the Everything Lucy Store to purchase your copy or click on the Amazon link here: I Love Lucy: The Movie & Other Great Rarities

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