October 13, 2009

More Lucy on the Hallmark Channel

Since the "I Love Lucy" marathon, October 4th and the return of "I Love Lucy" to the regular channel lineup in the evenings on the Hallmark Channel, we are now getting Lucy in the morning as well!

Starting Monday, October 12th, "I Love Lucy" will appear in the 9am - 10am timeslot where Golden Girls used to play. Golden Girls is just moving to begin an hour later. Also, starting tonight, October 13th, "I Love Lucy" will be appearing in the 9pm - 11pm timeslot! It is already playing in the late afternoon-early evening hours. 5pm - 9pm. Which means "I Love Lucy" will be playing from 5pm until 11pm every day including the one hour morning timeslot!

But in November, Lucy is scheduled to go back to a 5pm - 8pm schedule! So enjoy Lucy now while you can!

1 comment:

  1. Not anymore ... it is all gone from the schedule again. Hallmark STINKS!