September 22, 2009

Hallmark Channel Welcomes Back "I Love Lucy"

Last month I reported that I Love Lucy was taken off The Hallmark Channel lineup and was the first time that Lucy was not shown nationally. Although, some local channels may have aired the program, it was not available on the National level. Well it seems like it is back on Hallmark's schedule!

It seems that The Hallmark Channel had previously scheduled an I Love Lucy marathon to air on Sunday, October 4th from it looks even better for Lucy fans! It looks like they were planning that marathon for a comeback! Effective Monday, October 5th, the day after the marathon, I Love Lucy returns to the regular Hallmark Channel schedule and it isn't a late night time slot either! I Love Lucy will air weekdays from 5pm-8pm, which means six straight episodes, replacing M*A*S*H, which is now off the line-up, but it is still being shown by TV Land.

As for I Love Lucy, you people need to watch if you want it to STAY on the schedule, especially 5pm-8pm. They are giving it yet another chance...but Hallmark seems to have a short leash, so watch it this time or you'll have some splaining to do!


  1. Remember The Long, Long Trailer, I'm planning on doing like Luci and Desi did in the movie - I just love that movie - I just posted about it on my blog

  2. I am so happy with The Hallmark Channel's new schedule of weekdays 5 to 8 PM for "I Love Lucy"!

    I will never tire of watching these gems. I still keep finding things I never noticed before.

    Thanks Hallmark Channel!


  3. Monday, October 19th Lucy was not on the air. The TV guide said "I Love Lucy" but "Mash" was aired instead. What is going on? Doesn't the Hallmark channel ever consider its consumers? Leave "I Love Lucy" alone and keep airing her. There is nothing good shown on TV lately because of the lack of good writers. They are all idiots today. Leave I Love Lucy on! And stop messing around with the line-up. We pay alot of money for cable and we deserve more respect! From,
    Someone from Boston, the cradle of liberty.

  4. Hallmark channel never deserved to have the rights to I Love Lucy. They played it in the late morning slot for a little while after they got it, then at 2 in the morning, then not at all for months, then suddenly the marathon and the evening slots for a few weeks, and now, yes, it's gone again. They don't seem to care, or perhaps even get, that there's always going to be an audience for this show. Can Little House or Mash pull in so many more viewers that it's worth pulling a cult classic? I really don't get it

  5. What happened to it. I was very dissapointed to come home one day and discover my DVR was recording MASH that was disguised as I love lucy. Anyone know what happened to the programming?

  6. Hi where have you been? Just heard that Hallmark is doing a lucy marathon starting sat 2/13/2010beginning 11 am.

  7. Please,PLEASE don't take Lucy and Desi away. It's my relief from the hassles ( and poor choices left on TV) in life. Even if I've seen the same episode 50 times--she makes me laugh! We all need something to laugh at these days. Leave us Lucy, I beg of you!!!

  8. I cannot find I love Lucy on ANY channel. It seems as though she's on sporadically and not consistently. That is a bad choice on YOUR part. Everyone misses the truly hilarious episodes and needs that kind of laughter more today than every before!!!
    Put her back on for back-to-back episodes on prime time.