April 05, 2009

Lucy-Desi Center Seeks New Board Members

As reported in The Post Journal, Jamestown, NY:

The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center is searching for four people to serve on its Board of Directors.

The terms of three former board members - Bill Daly, Chuck Ludwig and Caroline Seymour - expired near the end of last month, said Mike LaTone, the board's president. The fourth open seat was occupied by former board president Ed Fagan, who resigned from that post in December.

''These folks ought to be publicly thanked for their diligent service,'' LaTone said Wednesday. ''They were absolutely instrumental in getting the center started off in its new direction and we are indebted to them for their time and efforts.''

Daly, the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency director, spent about 15 months as a member of the center's board. He, along with Ludwig and Ms. Seymour, were appointed to the board in December 2007 to fill open terms, he said. At the board's annual meeting in March 2008, they were asked to serve for another year and agreed to do so. The trio resigned during the board's March 26 meeting, he said.

''I think the three of us are leaving the board at a time when the center is headed in new and positive directions,'' he said. ''I really think the center will succeed with its initiatives. Right now, there are five very hard-working people on that board - they find themselves in tough economic times, but they're working as hard as they can to ensure the center remains a success. My hat's off to them.''

One of the most ''critical'' things that took place during Daly's tenure was the signing of a new licensing agreement between Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill, Desi Arnaz Jr. and the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center.

''That was so huge at a time when we weren't sure what direction the center was going to take,'' he said. ''The relationship with Lucie and Desi is being renewed and that's so important.''

Though he no longer sits on the board of directors, Daly said he would ''continue to support the center and board in any way possible.''

''I wish the board all the luck in the world,'' Daly said. ''It's a hard-working board. I thank them for their time and effort. They came into a situation that's not easy and they accepted seats on the board knowing how much work was ahead of them. Their dedication to one of this community's most important assets shouldn't go unappreciated.''

Ludwig and Ms. Seymour were unavailable for comment.

LaTone said the board will soon form a search committee and seek individuals for positions on the board.

''In addition to the search committee, we definitely want to hear from folks in the community who are interested in serving on the board,'' he said.

Those who are interested in serving on the board can call LaTone at 664-9321 or e-mail him at mlatone@lucy-desi.com.

The four new board members will join LaTone, Vice President Terry Lind, Todd Tranum, Lee Harkness and Lou Deppas as members.

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