March 08, 2009

Lucy-Desi Center Looking Ahead

Mike LaTone speaks to The Post Journal, Jamestown, NY about the future outlook of The Lucy-Desi Center.

"Considering everything that has happened in the world and with our own economy, both in Jamestown and America, I'm looking at the positive side of things," he said. "(The center) recently got a nice gift basket from Lucie (Arnaz Luckinbill) and Desi (Arnaz Jr.) to let us know they support us through the challenging weeks that lie ahead. That meant a lot. I think you can either choose to be positive or get mired down in the negative."

LaTone, who is president of the center's board of directors, said Wednesday afternoon there's a "great deal" going on at the center. In addition to wrapping up a search for a new executive director, he said officials have a short-term plan in place and are working to craft a more long-term plan that will "take the center in very interesting directions."

There are long-term plans being crafted, too. LaTone said the center is in the process of planning festivals in both May and August, events he feels will be 'instrumental' in moving the center and its mission forward.

But the long-term plans don't stop at August, LaTone said. Center officials are working on - among other things - a plan that will make the center 'mobile' and bring its mission to other parts of the country.

"One thing I'd like to see us do is take a part of our display and take it to other parts of the country to tell people, 'Hey, if you're a fan of Lucy and Desi, this is only a taste of what's in Jamestown," LaTone said. "Displaying our treasures in other parts of the country is definitely a goal of ours. We want to give folks a reason to come to Jamestown."

"We're definitely working on some new ideas," he said. "I can't tell you everything, or it wouldn't be a surprise. I think the board members and the staff at the center have come up with some really great ideas that are going to happen. We've got some very creative things coming."

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